How to select your course at UK, USA and Aus Universities

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 Actually this is a very difficult part when you try to migrate to foreign universities to complete your higher studies. Because you most information are getting from the local news papers, magazine, internet or by brokers. So you are unable to collect correct information of your university and about your course. So I have my personal experience I was in trouble get the correct decision. So 1st I select the country to migrate. then i have discussed with my parents. I have decide the course to follow up for my higher studies. Then I  bought a cheap air ticket to fly to that country visit my university and get all information come back to soon.      
You can find university or higher education institution to earn an advanced degree and continue your studies in Australia UK or USA. If you looking Scholarships for you. check in the universities those are available scholarships for foreigne students in higher education. If you looking a Open University or Open universities in US studies it is very easy that is the best places to vocational studies. if you going to do a master's degree for you complete careers in higher education or already working in high paid company you can access with their working certificates.